Sunday, 6 January 2013

Gardens by the Bay

I'm finally going to update on my trip to Gardens by the Bay! It was actually a company event called "Family Day" and since there were free tickets to 2 of the domes and the OCBC skywalk, I brought my parents along. :D

This was before we entered any of the domes or the OCBC skywalk. A very nice view of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Tower.

Flower Dome

I love the Flower dome so much! There were lots of beautiful flowers and plants from all over the world. :)

This is the map! As you can see, there are many different gardens. :)

I love these Bushfires!! They look snowy-like! Very beautiful!! :)

End of part 1 of Gardens by the Bay. Next post will be on "Cloud Forest". :)

Gardens by the Bay website:

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